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Urgency sells and what you think has a time limit most likely doesn’t. Retailers in all industries use this tactic to get you to buy immediately. To be honest it works!! If you see a time limit on a website, you are more inclined to buy because you think there is a limited time to buy before a deal is gone. How can you use this to your advantage? Let’s take a look.


Urgency sells

Urgency makes the world go round. Nobody wants to lose out on a deal they think won’t come around. Most of us have visited a website with an expiring deal, timer, limited supplies or all of these combined. It’s a sellers way to create urgency in a product. In very few cases it might be true. For the vast majority of products, there is no urgency to buy.


Implement your own urgency tactics

The first and most basic thing you can set up is creating an expiring deal. This can be done with a banner or image. Essentially, they are both the same just different dimensions used. The deal can last a few months, days, hours or maybe even minutes if you want to ramp up some sales.





A banner can be implemented on your header or footer of your website.

Countdown timer 

An expiring time clock is very useful because it creates a visual that is constantly updating and created a big sense of urgency.

Countdown timer clock counter. Flip vector timer template. Display information of minute, hour. Scoreboard info.


A simple image does the trick. You can create a simple graphic in photoshop or even use a template from a google search.

Create urgency with your best-selling products

Pick and choose the products wisely. It might not be the best idea to create urgency with a product that has very low margins. If you are going to implement these tactics make it worth your client’s time and yours as well. This way you can make the expiring deals you are creating.

Now, this isn’t a one size fits all so maybe if your best seller isn’t a high margin product you can still use these tactics on those products. You know your products the best so see what works best for you.

No one wants to miss out on an exclusive deal that won’t last. Creating a sense of urgency for something people are looking for can make people seal the deal. Take advantage of this deal because it’s only going to last within the next hour. If you see this with a time clock you are more likely to buy because it creates a sense that the deal won’t last.

P.S. if you haven’t noticed sometimes you go back to check if the deal is gone but… It’s still there. Sometimes a better offer is implemented, or the time clock is extended. Stay on the lookout. 


Why should someone click on your link? Is your headline catchy, is it informative, is there a call to action? The answer should be yes to all of them your headline should play into someone’s emotions and provide some type of value proposition that the reader can walk away with. Today I will describe the top 3 things you need to write headlines that will make people want to read more. 


Play the emotion card 

Emotions make people do some crazy things. If you are selling a home people don’t want to hear about 30-year loans, payments, or money problems. You want to focus on family time, investing in the future, making dreams come true. 

It not about a current state of emotion someone is going through. It’s about focusing on how a decision can change a person’s future for the better. 

Here are some examples: 

-Bad credit? No Worries!! A full guide to help you get back on track

-What better way to say I love you than with a dozen roses

– A few simple steps can change the way you feel about dieting



Focus on your unique selling point 

Why should someone keep reading? Will it help them lose weight, get more customers, or pass a test? Your headline should answer the question. 

– 5 proven ways to help get you to lose weight in just one month

– Selling seemed so hard until you read this

Do you have a solution to a problem? Spell it out in your headline so people can understand how you can help. 



Clear and simple

Keep it simple. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to make something so elaborate that it loses its purpose. Get straight to the point and make your message clear. If you are trying to sell a car don’t start with something that has nothing to do with a car. 

If it’s informative – How?

if it’s productive? – Why?

If there is a timeframe? -When?

What is it that you do? – What? 

How? Why? When? What? for things to keep in mind when writing headlines 


Writing a headline takes time and practice. Knowing what your reader is going through and how you can help solve their problem is the most important issue. If you can help someone save time and be efficient focus your headline on those emotions and that unique selling point. People want answers to their problems. They don’t want to hear about yours so keep your message clear and simple.  

There are so many more things that go into writing an amazing headline. These are 3 important things that should help you get started writing better headlines.