Why should someone click on your link? Is your headline catchy, is it informative, is there a call to action? The answer should be yes to all of them your headline should play into someone’s emotions and provide some type of value proposition that the reader can walk away with. Today I will describe the top 3 things you need to write headlines that will make people want to read more. 


Play the emotion card 

Emotions make people do some crazy things. If you are selling a home people don’t want to hear about 30-year loans, payments, or money problems. You want to focus on family time, investing in the future, making dreams come true. 

It not about a current state of emotion someone is going through. It’s about focusing on how a decision can change a person’s future for the better. 

Here are some examples: 

-Bad credit? No Worries!! A full guide to help you get back on track

-What better way to say I love you than with a dozen roses

– A few simple steps can change the way you feel about dieting



Focus on your unique selling point 

Why should someone keep reading? Will it help them lose weight, get more customers, or pass a test? Your headline should answer the question. 

– 5 proven ways to help get you to lose weight in just one month

– Selling seemed so hard until you read this

Do you have a solution to a problem? Spell it out in your headline so people can understand how you can help. 



Clear and simple

Keep it simple. Sometimes we get caught up in trying to make something so elaborate that it loses its purpose. Get straight to the point and make your message clear. If you are trying to sell a car don’t start with something that has nothing to do with a car. 

If it’s informative – How?

if it’s productive? – Why?

If there is a timeframe? -When?

What is it that you do? – What? 

How? Why? When? What? for things to keep in mind when writing headlines 


Writing a headline takes time and practice. Knowing what your reader is going through and how you can help solve their problem is the most important issue. If you can help someone save time and be efficient focus your headline on those emotions and that unique selling point. People want answers to their problems. They don’t want to hear about yours so keep your message clear and simple.  

There are so many more things that go into writing an amazing headline. These are 3 important things that should help you get started writing better headlines. 


In a world where everything is digital, security can’t be seen. Whether or not something is secure is not something that the average joe can pick up on. Let’s say you are signing into your bank account online. How do you know if your password is secure? You don’t, because most people assume that it is especially if it is an established website.


Terms and Conditions

Most if not all, people who sign up for something online, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other services, do not read the terms and conditions. Once you agree to the terms and conditions your life is pretty much signed over. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but it’s pretty close. Your information is the single most important data for the popular apps as well as websites you visit. The information allows for tracking of your online activity so that certain ads, products, and services can be placed in front of you based on what you search for.


Data breaches and more security

Facebook is not the only company affected by data breaches. Recently google plus suffered a data leak and will be shutting down because of this. We live in a world where most if not all, information is starting to be stored online. Companies need to start focusing on different ways to help avoid and prevent someone from being able to log into an account. You are beginning to see multiple authentication stages to be able to sign in to an account, but this needs to be adopted by companies, especially banks.

Tracking you on the daily

Mobile apps are one scary thing. They can pretty much track your every move. When I mean track, I mean they can distinguish between walking and driving and pinpoint your exact location. By using your GPS location on your mobile phone, all of this is possible. Interestingly, the tracking can still be done even if you are not on Wi-Fi, remove your sim card, and don’t have a mobile plan.


Smartphones to smart homes

Smart tv’s are becoming a thing. They make life so much easier, especially the part where they can record your voice and sometimes have cameras to record your every move. I swear I have seen the beginning stages of this with movies such as Ex-Machina, Her, and i-robot. The worlds we see in those movies are not too far away from reality.

It’s crazy to think back when a typewriter was a huge deal to where we are now. It’s only the beginning, and there is no changing the fact that technology is going to be more integrated into our daily lives. Where does that leave us with privacy? Do we have to sacrifice our privacy, especially our personal information for the advancement of technology? Are robots going to be integrated into our daily lives and one day turn on us?