Marketing is not Facebook, Instagram, or Google ads. Marketing as described by the American Marketing Association is “the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.” Let’s get into exactly what that means

Marketing channels vs. Marketing

Facebook, Instagram, Google ads, direct mail, etc… These are marketing channels and not marketing. Marketing is the act of targeting a specific persona in order to fulfill a certain need or want that they have. You use mediums such as google ads, direct mail, and social media to achieve your goal. 

Color Psychology  

Marketing is much more than just throwing money into paid ads and just hoping for the best. It is about defining your goals and creating a strategy that can help you achieve those goals. Colors help to set a mood. Red, for example, helps promote passion, excitement, and intensity. While blue can instill trust, security, and wisdom. Color psychology can have a significant impact on how your audience perceives who you are.  Elegance, love, intelligence, honesty, and power are certain traits people can associate with different colors. 

Words are powerful 

A simple change in words can mean the difference between converting a client and creating a lasting relationship. Would you rather buy a gym membership? Or Invest in a healthy future? Words can have a psychological impact on the way your message is received and interpreted.


People purchase with emotions

Emotions can make people do things they wouldn’t normally do. Are you sad? Then you should buy some chocolate ice cream to help cheer you up. Graduations, birthdays, and weddings all involve emotions. The better your message helps convey those emotions, the more likely you are to connect with your audience. 

Target audience 

You just created a Facebook ad and spent over $100 dollars in one week but got no results. Does that mean that Facebook ads don’t work? Not exactly. Just throwing money into an ad won’t get you results. Figuring out who your audience is and creating a persona is the first step before getting started with any ad. If you don’t know who you are selling, to then why bother? 


Everything done in a marketing plan should have a purpose. The colors, text, and emotions used can all help influence people in a positive and negative way. Defining who you are targeting can open up endless possibilities because that information should allow you to zero in on what your audience likes and dislikes. If you can focus on what they want and deliver a message that they believe in. You are one step closer to achieving a long-lasting relationship. 

In a world where everything is digital, security can’t be seen. Whether or not something is secure is not something that the average joe can pick up on. Let’s say you are signing into your bank account online. How do you know if your password is secure? You don’t, because most people assume that it is especially if it is an established website.


Terms and Conditions

Most if not all, people who sign up for something online, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or other services, do not read the terms and conditions. Once you agree to the terms and conditions your life is pretty much signed over. Okay, maybe I am exaggerating, but it’s pretty close. Your information is the single most important data for the popular apps as well as websites you visit. The information allows for tracking of your online activity so that certain ads, products, and services can be placed in front of you based on what you search for.


Data breaches and more security

Facebook is not the only company affected by data breaches. Recently google plus suffered a data leak and will be shutting down because of this. We live in a world where most if not all, information is starting to be stored online. Companies need to start focusing on different ways to help avoid and prevent someone from being able to log into an account. You are beginning to see multiple authentication stages to be able to sign in to an account, but this needs to be adopted by companies, especially banks.

Tracking you on the daily

Mobile apps are one scary thing. They can pretty much track your every move. When I mean track, I mean they can distinguish between walking and driving and pinpoint your exact location. By using your GPS location on your mobile phone, all of this is possible. Interestingly, the tracking can still be done even if you are not on Wi-Fi, remove your sim card, and don’t have a mobile plan.


Smartphones to smart homes

Smart tv’s are becoming a thing. They make life so much easier, especially the part where they can record your voice and sometimes have cameras to record your every move. I swear I have seen the beginning stages of this with movies such as Ex-Machina, Her, and i-robot. The worlds we see in those movies are not too far away from reality.

It’s crazy to think back when a typewriter was a huge deal to where we are now. It’s only the beginning, and there is no changing the fact that technology is going to be more integrated into our daily lives. Where does that leave us with privacy? Do we have to sacrifice our privacy, especially our personal information for the advancement of technology? Are robots going to be integrated into our daily lives and one day turn on us?