“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it” – George Santayana

Acting like everything is ok and forgetting the past is a sure way to make sure the status quo stays the same. 

It’s like magic and misdirection. Putting the focus on another idea, event, or alternative while in the background the real work is being done.

This phenomenon is nothing new 

It happens everyday 

Right before our very eyes. 

Reading history is one thing but actually living through it is something significant. 

Taking away something that you already have 

Then offering it back to you 

Using emotions to control the way you think, feel and react

Controlling without being “forced” ; but even better

Taking over who you are without you realizing it.

Does history really repeat itself? Or are we just programmed to believe that. 

Pandemics, genocides, disasters, massacres, extinctions 

When you think of these words, certain events in history probably pop into your head

But with all of these words there are more than one example that you might not know about. 

History is history, but history doesn’t repeat itself. 

People repeat history

When you take time to understand why something happened you can take action and try and change the results if you see the same things happening in the present. 

Live for today, remember the past, so that you can help change the future.