Has business been slowing down? Regulars aren’t showing up?

It’s easy to blame outside sources before looking internally. Sometimes and most of the time the issue stems from inside. The number one aspect that gets overlooked is customer service. You can put all the money you want in marketing and advertising but if customer service is bad nobody will come back. Here some do’s and don’t when it comes to customer service.


Fine line between friendly and professional

Your staff is going to be a reflection of what you want them to be. The training they receive is going to have a direct impact on how they treat customers. Being friendly is always good but you don’t want to have the same type of tone as you would with some of your friends. Hey, what’s up and hi, how are you are completely different. They are both informal salutations but the second is more appropriate. You have to keep in mind the type of business you are running or working at. Even though this might seem like an easy fix. It is one of the things that is commonly overlooked.  

Know who you are talking to 

Your customer base is going to be different. With some people, it is better to speak formally while others prefer speaking informally. Good afternoon ma’am vs hi, how’s it going can change someone’s mood in a few seconds. Talking to your customers in a way that makes them feel comfortable will make them more welcome which in turn makes them inclined to spend more. 


Respond to reviews and comments

Whether someone leaves you a review in person or online try to get back to that person ASAP. If it’s a positive review make sure you thank them for the kind words. If it’s a negative review offer a solution to the problem and ensure the issue will get fixed. Not doing anything will show that you don’t care.

Show interest in what people have to say about your business and get back to them as soon as possible. People like to be heard and if it feels like you are ignoring them, that will become your worst nightmare. People will stop purchasing from you, they will leave negative comments and bad word of mouth spreads like a wildfire. 

Customer service will make or break you

Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business. If people don’t like you they probably won’t buy from you. You don’t have to be a people person to treat your customers with common decency. It is about an exchange in value. You provide a product/service but if it weren’t for your customers you wouldn’t be in business. Always show some appreciation even if it’s just a simple thank you. 

Think of ways to show appreciation

Everyone likes a good deal. Throw in some deals and coupons to show some appreciation. Start a loyalty program to get people to come back. These might seem like small things but they can make the biggest difference.  Incentives can help you drive sales. If you and a competitor offer the same product or service throw a good deal then convert them with your customer service. 


Customer service is one of the most important aspects of any business but always seems to be the one aspect that gets neglected. Most of the time management knows there is an issue but doesn’t confront them. A bad situation arises and then something is done but by then it’s too late. Don’t make the mistake of waiting until a fire starts. Help prevent the fire and foster good customer service.