Everyone wants the secrets to saving money. I guess it’s your lucky day because today I am going to share with you the top 5 ways to save.

1.) Stop spending money on things you don’t need.

The first and most important thing to do is to stop spending!! You know you don’t need those new shoes, jewelry, and especially that new pristine BMW. Hey, you want to look good and impress some people, fine? Where are those people going to be when it matters? 

2.) Instead of going out stay in 

Get some beers, cook some food, or even order out. Have some friends over and have some fun. You’ll end up having more and spending less.

3.) Name brand alternatives 

It used to be that name brands were the way to go because of premium ingredients and premium quality, but as time has gone by alternative brands have come up and offered comparable products for bargain prices. 

4.) Shop around 

Unless you need something right that second, take some time and shop around. If your reading this, it means you’re are on some type of portable device. Whether that’s a phone, tablet, or computer. Use whatever method of your choice to check out what stores have a better deal on what you need. 

5.) Groupon or other coupons

Oh, wait you’re too good for coupons? Are you worried about other people’s opinions? If that’s the case, I don’t know what to tell you. If you’re really in a pinch. You gotta do what you gotta do. Even if you’re not, it’s still an excellent way to save some money and spend it on something else. 

Saving money does not have to be complicated, but it seems like every day we have that voice that tells us to buy. Knowing well that we don’t have the money. It’s always the case where we say, “I’ll figure it out.” Then payment time comes around, and we act like we can’t remember the purchase.  So, remember these wise words, “If you don’t need it. Don’t buy it.” 

That baby face doesn’t help your case either

The fact that most people don’t dress the part

The way you speak


The list goes on…

Imagine walking into a room and you are the only one that is in their 20’s

Nobody cares about your opinion, you’re supposed to just take notes, listen, nod once in a while, and never dare to speak.

You have the burden of proof

You could have more experience than some other senior people above you and that won’t change a thing. The simple fact that you are younger is the only proof they need.

You shouldn’t know more than them because that would be wrong. Any time you find a way to prove yourself and do an awesome job. Someway that ends up still hurting you. Why? Because whoever is in charge of you can feel threatened by your ideas.

Be prepared

If you’re straight out of college it might feel like you don’t have much to offer. The number one issue is probably the simple fact that you don’t have any real-world experience. A classroom is one thing but actually doing the work is another. If you don’t have experience, make sure you at least know the basics of what the job requires.

You just graduated so you think you’re finished with school? Think again.

Depending on what you studied, get a certification or take some online courses on sites like Udemy.

Walk the walk

So now you’re excited because you just got your first interview. Now, it starting to sink in. You get butterflies, you can’t sleep, and you’re having dreams about your interview.

You researched the company and are on top of the requirements.

This is where the magic happens.

Think of questions to ask that will stump the interviewer

Such as

-What are a few examples of responsibilities that someone in this position might undertake?

-What is the company culture like more specifically is collaboration something that is welcome?

-Are there any challenges you have seen faced by someone in this position that I can improve on?

Once you’re in do what you do best and show everyone what your made of. People might feel threatened if you’re really good but stand your ground and don’t back down just because you think you’re new or too young. If this happens you know you’re doing something correctly.

The number one key above all is just be prepared. Do your research and do your part to give yourself the best chance possible. Even then sometimes it might not work out. Patience is something that can’t be bought but is a key trait that will open up doors you won’t expect.

As a young adult, no matter where you go criticism will always take place.

Do you have what it takes to do the job?

The answer should always be:


There are times where it might seem like everything around you is crumbling down.

Nobody cares.

Everything seems to go against what you want to do.

The after-effects are genuinely remarkable. If you dig deep and look back, you might realize your threshold for pain and struggle can be surpassed. If something else were to happen, you wouldn’t be fazed by it because you now know how to overcome those obstacles.

Not only that, but it gives you an advantage!

Let’s look at a few people that have gone through some tough times

-Jk Rowling

-Stephen King

-Tyler Perry

-Oprah Winfrey

-Lionel Messi

-Michael Jordan

-Dr. Dre

The list goes on and on

If you take a look at almost every success story you, see a common factor they all had, which was some form of adversity.

-Growing up without parents or a single parent

-Growing up without money

-Experiencing hate or prejudice

-Having to work at a young age sacrificing school to be able to provide for the family

-Becoming an adult before actually being an adult

-Losing a loved one at a young age

These examples are not limited to just one person but among all across the board.

So why is it that they were able to go on and achieve amazing things.

They don’t have special powers or anything that makes them different from any of us.

The only difference is the will to fight because it was either fight or get eaten alive.

When someone hits rock bottom or goes through things in their lives, it turns on a switch. Sometimes it takes adversity for change to happen; otherwise, change might not occur.

Fear is part of nature. We experience anxiety and fear when there is uncertainty. When we don’t know what’s next or when something unexpected occurs, but fear also instills a sense of urgency. You begin to attempt things you wouldn’t have if it weren’t for the situation.

When you are fighting for your health, food, or shelter, you have two choices

1.) Give up


2) Fight as if there was no tomorrow

Sometimes I look at certain situations I have gone through or what I am currently going through and tell myself “it could be a whole lot worse.”

What is the one thing stopping me from achieving what I want in life

The answer is always


All the b.s. that surrounds our lives is just noise. For some, it’s easy to suppress but for others, it is what we use to validate the things we do or don’t do.

Adversity, challenges, and obstacles might make it seem like it’s the end of the world. But they also help you understand yourself better. In the end, adversity can change the way you think and see the world for the better.

The money trap

Money can make people do some interesting things.  How many times have you’ve heard someone say “I hate my job, but the money is good.” A job can be affecting someone’s health and even then, the money comes can be the deciding factor.


Circumstances always play a role in every decision we make. There are a lot of factors such as family, friends, and situations that affect what we choose to do. With that being said, 10 to 15 years is a long time in most cases. It’s understandable if something happens and you need a few years to bounce back. Playing the money card is not a reason to stay that long. Especially if a job is driving you insane.

How much money is enough money

Everyone needs to pay their bills and other expenses but in reality, how much do we need to cover all of our expenses and still be able to enjoy life. It seems like for most people the more money we make the more we end up spending.

Enjoying every single day

As cheesy as it sounds “Happiness can’t be bought”It seems like every other week there is a celebrity that is making millions and ends up taking their own lives because they aren’t happy.

I’m not going to lie in some instances money does talk. At the end of the day what you drive, what you wear, what you own doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not happy.

Finding success can be very tricky but in the end, doing what makes you happy can so much more to your life than any amount of money.

Do you define success by the amount of money you make or by doing what you love every day?

Someone once told me

“People fail because they follow their dreams.”

In my head, I was thinking, “isn’t it good to follow your dreams.”

He continues and says

“People need to start accomplishing those dream instead of following them”

Dreams are a good starting point

I remember growing up wanting to be so many things when I grew up. Up until middle school, those dreams actually felt like they could come true because people around me were actually encouraging. Then high school came around. The same question would be asked but in response instead of being supportive and optimistic. It was always “Be Realistic”

Conformity is a disease

Conformity is a dangerous thing and can spread like a wildfire. Once one person starts it begins a continuous cycle. They start to believe what everyone else thinks and goes along with whatever is being said. Every so often there are a few people that come along that disrupt this conformity and create amazing things.

Now or never

There are more opportunities available now more than ever. Just because there are more opportunities it doesn’t mean that people are taking advantage of those opportunities. With that being said it also means these opportunities require some type of sacrifice. Sacrifice can come in the form of time, effort, money, or all of the above.

Plan and execute

Talk is cheap. Doing is what matters. You can talk about dreaming about starting a business or moving up in your current company but that won’t do any good if you don’t do anything about it. Making a plan that you can follow and execute is the difference between Apple and that company you never heard of.

Are you going to fail? There is a good probability that can happen. But who said failure was such a bad thing. It means you actually tried but something didn’t work out along the way.

Dreaming and having a reason to wake up in the morning can be a powerful tool but dreaming is for dreamers. The real test starts with actually, going out to work, sacrificing, putting in the time, to achieve those dreams is the difference between waking up every day dreading going to work or waking up loving what you do.