Angel Mora 


Marketing Specialist

     Born and raised in Oceanside, California. I have always strived to follow my passion in all aspects of my life whether it be academically or in my personal life. Hard work and dedication have always been a part of who I am and continue to be. After obtaining my bachelor’s degree in marketing my career path changed and took an unexpected turn, for the better. It had always been my vision to work at a large company and move my way up. Since graduating I have had the opportunity to meet different business owners and entrepreneurs that have given me advice and have shared their stories with me. Preparation and patience is what is currently taking place in my everyday life.  The more time passes by the more I have realized that nobody is going to create the life I want. So why not go out and create it myself.

     I have had the pleasure of working on accounts and taking on different tasks that I have really enjoyed. Some of which include content writing, creating video content, SEO, social media, paid ads, Photography, and graphic design. These are all awesome skills to have but there are certain skills that not many people in my position have. Understanding what makes people tick. Colors, text, images, tonality, and so much more. Marketing is much more than paid ads. It’s about understanding people and why they do things and why they don’t do things. There is so much more to marketing than people understand. That is the reason why I enjoy the marketing world and the different challenges that are presented every day.

     They say “Nothing worthwhile is easy.” I can say that it is certainly true. There are obstacles I have faced every day. At the end of the day while people are underestimating me I am doing the work and most importantly getting the results. Life is all about taking risks and as long as I give 100% I know that everything will work itself out.