Mr. Zuckerberg trying to get a little sneaky.

Everything was going so well until the investigation with Russian bots tampering with the us elections

Data breaches 


Instagram and WhatsApp founders exiting 

Mr. Zuckerberg has had his plate full for some time now.

And now to try and cool things off there is a possibility that messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook might get integrated 

Money money money moneeey

"A better user experience for everyone" 

More ways to make money off of all the users 

Not to mention more data to be able to track 

Privacy is long gone

Privacy has been long gone. Even though it might seem like it’s not that bad. It’s pretty bad. 

Data is used for so much more than just your online profile. Not to mention voice such as Alexa starting to take over. The merger would mean more data that would be used and analyzed. Not to mention even more security issues with even more data at risk.

At the end of the day this is just a blog post and the stories about what is happening are just stories. All of this is not set in stone, but it looks like it is going to happen. Having everything under one umbrella is great for Facebook because that means being able to take advantage of all the users and find ways to monetize the process.

The best part is that people will be in shock when it happens but not to the extent to which people will stop using these apps. Why? They have become integrated in our daily lives. Social networks are the new tv networks that have already taken over. The interesting part about all of this is the fact that it’s just beginning. 

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