The new year is here It’s all about those empty promises: Gyms are packed Diets get started A broken record on repeat… But this year is gonna be different Is it really?  

The start of something new

The new year is always a time when people think about changing their lives and doing a complete 360.There is nothing bad about that idea. But like always it’s an idea more than an action.   

Stop reaching for the skies.. reach for the ceiling first

Changing your lifestyle, habits, and anything else isn’t going to happen overnight. More than anything shooting for a goal that is highly unrealistic won’t do any good. Maybe instead of eating 4 slices of pizza eat 3If you are trying to save money start with a small amount every month or even every paycheck and increase the amount as time goes on 

The goal 

What’s your end goal?The goal should never be to make more money, to lose weight, to start a diet. You will fail as soon as you start. Those same principles should be having a job you enjoy, live a healthy lifestyle, or time management to be able to spend more time with family or friends.  At the end of the day if you try and live a healthy lifestyle you will end up losing the weight as well.

Staying on track

Stuff happens and nobody is perfect. Sometimes temptations are going to be there. That chocolate cake at the middle of the night might start talking to you. It’s all about enjoying life but also with balance. So enjoy the cake but stay focused on what you want to accomplish.  Starting a new year is never easy. Especially if you have been trying to change every year but it’s always the same. Ask yourself what’s preventing you from making those changes. Most of the time if not every time you will make excuses and blame other people. At the end of the day, you control your own life so take charge and make 2019 the start of something new.     

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