That baby face doesn’t help your case either

The fact that most people don’t dress the part

The way you speak


The list goes on…

Imagine walking into a room and you are the only one that is in their 20’s

Nobody cares about your opinion, you’re supposed to just take notes, listen, nod once in a while, and never dare to speak.

You have the burden of proof

You could have more experience than some other senior people above you and that won’t change a thing. The simple fact that you are younger is the only proof they need.

You shouldn’t know more than them because that would be wrong. Any time you find a way to prove yourself and do an awesome job. Someway that ends up still hurting you. Why? Because whoever is in charge of you can feel threatened by your ideas.

Be prepared

If you’re straight out of college it might feel like you don’t have much to offer. The number one issue is probably the simple fact that you don’t have any real-world experience. A classroom is one thing but actually doing the work is another. If you don’t have experience, make sure you at least know the basics of what the job requires.

You just graduated so you think you’re finished with school? Think again.

Depending on what you studied, get a certification or take some online courses on sites like Udemy.

Walk the walk

So now you’re excited because you just got your first interview. Now, it starting to sink in. You get butterflies, you can’t sleep, and you’re having dreams about your interview.

You researched the company and are on top of the requirements.

This is where the magic happens.

Think of questions to ask that will stump the interviewer

Such as

-What are a few examples of responsibilities that someone in this position might undertake?

-What is the company culture like more specifically is collaboration something that is welcome?

-Are there any challenges you have seen faced by someone in this position that I can improve on?

Once you’re in do what you do best and show everyone what your made of. People might feel threatened if you’re really good but stand your ground and don’t back down just because you think you’re new or too young. If this happens you know you’re doing something correctly.

The number one key above all is just be prepared. Do your research and do your part to give yourself the best chance possible. Even then sometimes it might not work out. Patience is something that can’t be bought but is a key trait that will open up doors you won’t expect.

As a young adult, no matter where you go criticism will always take place.

Do you have what it takes to do the job?

The answer should always be:


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