The money trap

Money can make people do some interesting things.  How many times have you’ve heard someone say “I hate my job, but the money is good.” A job can be affecting someone’s health and even then, the money comes can be the deciding factor.


Circumstances always play a role in every decision we make. There are a lot of factors such as family, friends, and situations that affect what we choose to do. With that being said, 10 to 15 years is a long time in most cases. It’s understandable if something happens and you need a few years to bounce back. Playing the money card is not a reason to stay that long. Especially if a job is driving you insane.

How much money is enough money

Everyone needs to pay their bills and other expenses but in reality, how much do we need to cover all of our expenses and still be able to enjoy life. It seems like for most people the more money we make the more we end up spending.

Enjoying every single day

As cheesy as it sounds “Happiness can’t be bought”It seems like every other week there is a celebrity that is making millions and ends up taking their own lives because they aren’t happy.

I’m not going to lie in some instances money does talk. At the end of the day what you drive, what you wear, what you own doesn’t mean a thing if you’re not happy.

Finding success can be very tricky but in the end, doing what makes you happy can so much more to your life than any amount of money.

Do you define success by the amount of money you make or by doing what you love every day?

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