Definition: those born between 1980 and 2000’s

This definition is the formal way of thinking of a millennial. When someone asks the age of someone and the response is 20. The immediate following is “oh, you’re a millennial”

As if you are part of the chosen few that is messing everything up in this world.

What is up with you millennials and your


Avocado and toast

Keto diets

Craft everything




The list goes on and on

Characteristics and behaviors

Millennials are an interesting group of individuals who often times are misunderstood. Like many other things, there are bad apples in this group. People tend to group these bad apples and generalize certain characteristics to everyone. Not everyone acts and behaves the same.

Tech savvy, educated, hard-working, environmentally conscious, and informed are just a few traits many millennials share. Yes, I know it’s hard to believe. I mean how can you trust someone that shops online? That’s crazzyyy.

Millennials have a different lifestyle due to the world they were brought into. Generation x and baby boomers basically created these so-called monsters we call millennials. If people don’t like millennials I would like to introduce you to generation z.

More than just an age

Millennials are more than just an age. It’s certain behaviors that can be attributed to anyone. If you shop online regardless of age. You are a millennial. If you enjoy eating healthy. You are a millennial. The way people interact and communicate has changed. Things are done differently but at the end of the day, we get the same result. This goes for transportation, communication, food, shopping, and many other things.

More alike than you know

The more people share their dislikes of millennials the more I realize that those people are also millennials. If you shop online you are a millennial. If you consume the majority of your content online. You are a millennial. This includes reading online, watching tv online, watching movies online, and shopping online.

Being a millennial is not defined by age but by certain behaviors and characteristics.  I would say the vast majority of people are inherently millennials because they exhibit most traits that so-called “millennials” have. As time goes on technology is going to keep changing the future generations.

Technology is creating and changing the next generations

Just like the typewriter made printing much more efficient and easier the internet has made communication and interaction a lot faster. Most importantly the way we communicate and interact with one another has transformed and changed. Does that make millennials lazy? No.

It just means that “going to work” has a completely different meaning. Working from home has become a normality for a lot of young people. The typical office environment has also changed because of the fact that people can work on projects remotely.

Does that make millennials better or worse than anyone else? Definitely not. It’s just a different way of life. For those that are older, it might be hard to understand because we live in a world where everything is literally at your fingertips.

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